Meet Joel Van Egdom, CCIFP

Joel Van Egdom, CCIFP took time out of his work as a CFO at Interstates, Inc. to answer these ten questions for us during CCIFP Month. 


Q: Do you have children?

A: My wife and I have seven beautiful children, and we are expecting our eighth this summer!


Q: What are you reading right now?

A: I am currently reading two books: “Go Do Deals” by Jeremy Harbour and “In Awe” by John O'Leary.

Q: How did you get into accounting?

A: I got into accounting when I took an accounting class in high school, and I both loved it and did exceptionally well in the class. From that point, I was confident I would go to college for accounting.


Q: What have you learned about being a leader?

A: I have learned that great leaders are both inwardly sound and others-focused. These are traits that I continue to focus on growing and developing in my leadership journey.


Q: When did you become a CFMA member?

A: I became a CFMA member in 2008, and I joined the Siouxland chapter Board of Directors in 2014. I am now serving as the chapter's president, and I appreciate the opportunity to give back in this way.


Q: What do you do to unwind from work?

A: To unwind from work, I enjoy watching and participating in sports (go Twins!), running for exercise and spending time with my family.


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: I grew up on a farm near the small town of Doon, Iowa. Today, I live in that same town and am thankful for the opportunity I have to raise my family in the same community, church and schools I grew up in.


Q: Are you married?

A: My wife, Michelle, and I have been married for about 15 years. We dated long distance (600 miles) our entire dating period, and lived in the same state for the first time when we returned from our honeymoon!


Q: What do you collect?

A: I grew up collecting baseball, basketball and football cards, and still have many of those from my childhood collections today.


Q: What was your first job?

A: My first formal job was detasseling corn at age 12!